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Gena Lee Nolin bio
Gena Lee Nolin was born on November 29 1971 in Duluth Minnesota. An American actress and model, she started as a waitress in Las Vegas, later winning the Miss Las Vegas pageant. Her first marriage which was with David Alan Feiler lasted a month, after which she got married to Greg Fahlman in 1993. The same year had Nolin undergoing surgery for breast augmentation. A year later, she successfully got in as one of the Barker’s Beauties for the game show The Price is Right. She then played a model in the soap ‘The Young and the Restless’ and Neely Capshaw in the popular show Baywatch which she eventually quit in 1998. She then posed for Playboy wearing nothing but her birthday suit after her own show named Sheena began in 2000. After her divorce with husband Fahlman, a sex tape of the couple began circulating on the Internet. This, however, did not stop her from dating; she married her boyfriend NHL player Cale Hulse in 2004. She is a staunch supporter of animal rights, and she has, in fact, posed nude for a PETA campaign against exotic animal skins.

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