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Heidi Klum bio
Possibly one of the most famous and most beautiful models of today's generation, Heidi Klum is the typical superwoman. She is not only a model, but is also a singer, television producer, fashion designer, TV presenter, and actress. Unlike the other tall, leggy, blonde women who make it in the modeling scene, Heidi Klum is definitely sparkling with charisma and grace that endears her to viewers everywhere. Born in Germany on June 1, 1973 and standing at 5'9", Heidi has graced numerous magazines like Voigue, Sports Illustrated, Marie Clair, and Elle. Aside from that, she is best recognized for being a face of Victoria's Secret and the host of one of the most exciting shows in TV, Fashion Runway. Being a model for a long time and a host of a reality show for fashion designers seems to have given Heidi the skill to start her own clothing and perfume line. Fans seem to be eager for any new design, and this is proved when her designs were sold out in less than 35 minutes when they first came out online. Today, this lovely model is happily married to British musician Seal and is a mother to three kids.

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