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Helen Hunt bio
Born on June 15, 1963 in California, Helen Elizabeth Hunt is a multi-awarded actress that is best known by America for her long role in Mad About You, a TV sitcom. When she was a child, Helen showed interest in being an actress and she soon appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as the daughter of character Murray Slaughter, The Swiss Family Robinson, and The Facts of Life. During her stint in Mad About You, she won many Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for her incredible performance on the show; and it was at this time that she became the highest paid television actress ever, getting as much as $1 million each episode. Helen was also successful in her film career, appearing in Twister and Castaway, and winning a much-coveted Academy Award for her memorable performance in As Good As It gets. She has also performed onstage in New York City's Lincoln Center in an adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Helen was once married to fellow actor Hank Azaria and then with Matthew Carnahan.

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