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Holly McGuire bio
A professional model in Australia, Holly McGuire is indeed a lovely face that can easily charm viewers. She modeled for magazines like FHM, Nuts, Ice, Front, and Loaded due to her sexy figure. In fact, she even posed for ad campaigns and billboards. There was one billboard featuring her hind part that was banned for causing many car crashes in Australia. Aside from that, Holly was also part of a local girl band called Tantalize that was managed by Fame Academy's Richard Park. After a three-year hiatus from the limelight, Holly McGuire returned to her modeling roots and was also cast to play a part in the TV show Footballers' Wives. Like her in real life, her character, Keely is a sexy and young aspiring pop star. However, Keely's dream made her decide to latch on a much older and sleazy rich guy in order to have access to celebrity parties and get a break.

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