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Imogen Bailey bio
Considered as Ralph Men's Magazine's Sexiest Model in Australia, the very beautiful Imogen Bailey is a popular model, singer, and actress. Born on Australia on July 7, 1977, Imogen is a popular face for readers of FHM, Black+White, Zoo Weekly, and Playboy. For Imogen, appearing nude is an art as long as it is done tastefully and beautifully. Her initial TV appearances were comprised of competing in reality shows like Popstars - Australia, Celebrity Survivor - Vanatu, Skating on Thin Ice, and Celebrity Big Brother. She was also given a role in the film adaptation of the Man-Thing when it was shot in Australia. A staunch defender of animal rights, Imogen supported many of the campaigns of PETA to help raise awareness for protection and care for animals. Imogen forayed into singing, as she released the 2003 single If You Want Me. Unfortunately, the venture did not quite get the results she expected, so Imogen once again returned to modeling.

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