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Irina Voronina bio
Irina Voronina is a Russian model who first gained popularity with Playboy magazine. She is also slowly making her mark in the acting business with some recent movie appearances. Irina Voronina was born on December 19, 1977 in Dzerzhinsk, Russia. Her modeling career began in January of 2001 when she was given the title of Playmate of the Month in Playboy. After she posed for the January issue, she also took part in an assortment of Playboy Videos. Her other Playboy credits include the swimsuit calendar Playmates at Play at the Playboy Mansion and Playboy Cyber Club. Her poses with Playboy helped launch her acting career and she has been seen in the movies Reno 911!: Miami, Balls of Fury, and Epic Movie. She is also regularly seen on Adult Swim's Saul of the Mole Men. She's also the spokesmodel for St. Pauli Girl Beer. With her growing number of roles in show business, there's no doubt that more shall be seen of Irina Voronina.

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