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Isabeli Fontana bio
Brazilian supermodel Isabella Bergossi Fontana is a blue-eyed brunette beauty that stands 5'10". Born on July 4, 1983 in Brazil, Isabella is one of the youngest finalists of the Elite Model Look Contest as she was only 13 years old when she joined back in 1996. By the next year, she left for Italy in order to pursue modeling more seriously. Isabella generated controversy in 1999, after she was allowed to appear in the lingerie catalogue of Victoria's Secret when she was only 16 years of age. Originally, Victoria's Secret released a policy that prevented models that were below 21 years of age to sign or to appear in any of the garment line's lingerie collection. Instead of causing Isabella's career to suffer, the controversy in fact made her more popular, as people became more and more curious about the young model. After her Victoria's Secret stint, Isabella was then signed up to be a model for Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Versace. She has also been a cover girl for popular style magazines Vogue, ELLE Marie Claire, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Despite her young age, Isabella married Alvaro Jacomossi, a model, but the two divorced in 2002, around the time their son, Zion was born. On December 10, 2005, she then married fellow model and actor Henri Castelli, whomn she had a son named Lucas.

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