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Isabella Rossellini bio
Considered to be one of the loveliest faces that graced the entertainment and fashion industry, Isabella Rossellini was born on June 18, 1952 in Rome, Italy. Isabella is Swedish star Ingrid Bergman's daughter with Roberto Rossellini, an Italian film director. Surprisingly, her career as an actress and model started only when she turned 28, and it was fairly late compared to other models. Bruce Weber and Bill King handled her first photo shoot for the British and American issues of Vogue, respectively. Isabella has also worked with notable and popular photographers. Her face has been feature on the covers of magazines like ELLE, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire. Isabella was also the exclusive spokesmodel for the Lancome cosmetics brand and she traveled in Europe and the United States. She also assisted in the development of the company's new fragrance, Tresor. Her experience with Lancome enabled her to develop a brand of cosmetics that is uniquely hers, the Isabella Rossellini's Manifesto. However, after more than 14 years of working with Lancome, Isabella was removed and replaced as the face of Lancome because of her age; she was already more than 40 years old at the time. Isabella was previously married to director Martin Scorsese and now with Jon Wiedemann. She has two children, Elettra and Roberto.

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