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Izabella Miko bio
Born in Poland on January 21, 1981 as Izabella Anna Mikolajczak, this model and actress is a definite example of beauty and grace. As a daughter of local actors, Izabella oviously decided to be a performer at an early age. Growing up in Warsaw, she studied diligently in order to become a ballerina. Spotted by an American choreographer, she was invited to study in New York via a scholarship, and on her fifteenth birthday, Izabella and her mother traveled there. Possibly due to her dancing abilities that lent her a natural grace and impeccable posture, she was given several modeling opportunities that she relished immensely. Making the transition to actress was not that easy for Izabella, but she was able to get a role in HBO's series Deadwood as Carrie. However, her most memorable roles showcased her dancing talents as Izabella was cast as Cammie in the 2000 film Coyote Ugly, a dancer in the Mr. Brightside video for The Killers, and as Sara Johnson in Save The Last Dance 2.

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