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Jaime King bio
One of the most popular faces in the modeling industry that was able to make the transition into acting, Jamie's story is similar to a movie or a television series. Jaime was born on April 23, 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska. During her graduation program, a New York agent spotted her and was impressed with Jaime's striking face and grace. Soon after, she decided to become a professional model and this prompted her to leave high school and instead take up a correspondence course while working. Jaime's modeling career flourished despite her young age, and she was soon gracing different fashion magazines and walking down the runway for popular designers. However, Jaime was addicted to alcohol and heroin that was fuelled by a steady paycheck. It was only after the death of her boyfriend, due to kidney failure rumored to have been brought about by excessive heroin use, that Jaime made the effort to become sober once again. After that, Jaime appeared in several movies, most notably Pearl Harbor, Bulletproof Monk, and Sin City.

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