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Jane Birkin bio
Born in London, England on December 14, 1946, Jane Mallory Birkin is a popular icon of singing and acting in the United Kingdom. She first burst into the entertainment scene in London during the '60s when she appeared in the controversial and much talked about 1967 film Blowup as one of its models. Despite not being to speak in French, Jane flew to France in order to audition for the lead role in the movie Slogan. Her performance was said to be excellent that she bagged the role. Jane ventured into recording as she, together with her then husband Serge Gainsbourg, released the controversial song "Je t'aime… moi non plus." Many radio studios in Spain, UK, Sweden, and in Italy banned it due to its explicitly sexual lyrics and suggestive moaning background, but it became a hit in other countries in Europe. After a short hiatus from acting, Jane once again returned to making movies when she appeared in Don Juan (or if Don Juan were a woman), Gainsbourg's equally controversial film that had the same title as their recorded song, and several Agatha Christie films.

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