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Janet Jackson bio
Born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana, Janet Damita Jo Jackson is the youngest of the musically inclined Jackson siblings. Multi-awarded and nominated singer, actress, and dancer, Janet initially did not want to be in the spotlight like her then-popular siblings. In fact, she wanted to become a horse jockey. However, her father convinced Janet to perform at the MGM Grand with her family, and it was there that she was discovered. Despite the fact that Janet herself was not confident in her vocal ability compared to her siblings, she was able to release her debut album when she was 16. The album Janet Jackson became a big hit that Janet was able to follow it less than two years later. However, the second album was not as successful as its predecessor. But Janet proved capable of handling the pressure that she continued to make albums and music videos that were enjoyed by teenagers who quickly became her fans. Janet once eloped and married James DeBarge despite her father's disapproval. The marriage ended soon enough, and Janet returned to the music scene with a vengeance.

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