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Jenna Elfman bio
Born Jennifer Mary Butala on September 30, 1971 in California, Jenna Elfman is a popular actress that is known for her television role in Dharma and Greg. Her career in the entertainment industry first started as a dancer, and Jenna has appeared on an MTV for the band Anthrax. She then made several commercials before landing on guest appearances in many TV shows like NYPD Blue, Murder One, Roseanne, Almost Perfect, and Townies. It was due to her performance on the last show that Jenna caught the eye of ABC executives, and she was then cast in the widely popular Tv comedy, Dharma and Greg. For her role as the wild-child and hippie Dharma, Jenna won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Emmy award twice. She then starred in films like Keeping the Faith, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, EDtv, and Krippendorf's Tribe. Jenna is married to Boghi Elfman, a fellow actor, and the couple is now expecting their first child.

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