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Jennie Garth bio
Born Jennifer Eve Garth in Urbana Illinois on April 3, 1972, Jennie Garth was discovered when she was 15 during a talent competition where she joined and won. It was through her mother's encouragement that Jennie left Illinois and schooling to try her luck in Hollywood. Several months later, she was able to land a role on NBC's A Brand New Life as Erica McCray. However, it was on the show Beverly Hills 90210 that Jennie gained stardom, as she played the role of Kelly Taylor. Throughout the series, Jennie's character was involved in a love triangle, a cult, became a cocaine user, got amnesia, was shot, raped, and had a miscarriage. After her stint at Beverly Hills 90210, Jennie starred in a movie based on her life story, and a dozen more productions both for film and television. She was once married to Daniel B. Clark, but they divorced later and Jennie is now married to Peter Facinelli, a fellow actor, and they have three kids, Luca Bella, Lola and, and Fiona Eve.

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