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Jennifer Ellison bio
Jennifer Ellison (born May 30, 1983) is an actress from Liverpool, England. This 24-year old blonde actress is a natural-born artist because ever since as a kid, she has been known to have great talents. She won various dance championships and studied in the Royal Ballet School when she was still young. She started her TV career as a character actress when she played Emily Shadwick O'Leary on the show Brookside in 1998. It is not surprising that Jennifer Ellis has become a famous actress for she has been doing various acting stints in theater. In 2006, Jennifer played Roxie Hart in the London West End theater version of the famous musical Chicago. This multi-talented woman also starred in the blockbuster movie The Phantom of the Opera in 2003. Additionally, she was also in The Brief, an ITV legal drama. As if Jennifer Ellison has not yet reached the peak of her career, she was also featured in voluminous magazines like the FHM and Maxim. She also made her two singles (Baby I Don't Care and Bye, Bye, Boy) to hit the English top charts. This year, Jennifer is expected to appear in England's TV series Hotel Babylon and New Street Law.

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