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Jennifer Jason Leigh bio
An expert in playing extraordinary characters in various movies, Jennifer Jason Leigh (born February 5, 1962) has gained the respect of people from the movie industry with her excellent acting prowess. This famous celebrity who was from Hollywood, California has earned the reputation of being a top-notch performer. Jennifer started her early acting career when she was only 16. She appeared in the TV program Baretta after she got her membership in the prestigious Screen Actors Guild. Her first films include The Best Little Girl in the World, where she portrayed as an anorexic girl and Fast Times at Ridgemont High where she played as a teenage mom. As Jennifer matures, her roles also changes. She had played various adult roles that made her a well-known actress in Hollywood. Her acting skills were recognized in the movies Last Exit to Brooklyn and Miami Blues. Both the Boston Society of Film Critics and the New York Film Critics Circle hailed her as Best Supporting Actress for those films. Probably the biggest break that Jennifer Jason Leigh had was when she starred in the film Georgia. Her unmatched acting made her won the Best Actress awards from the Montreal World Film Festival and the New York Film Critics Circle. Her most recent projects include Road to Perdition, In the Cut, and The Machinist.

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