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Jennifer Tilly bio
Jennifer Tilly (born September 16, 1958) is a renowned actress from Los Angeles, California. Her first official film career started when she appeared in The Fabulous Baker Boys, which was shown in 1989. She was nominated for Academy Award Best Supporting Actress in 1994 for the film Bullets Over Broadway, but her fame flourished when her voice was used for the character of Tiffany, a killer doll in the movie series Child's Play. Jennifer's voice seemed to be very bankable, especially when she starred on the Seed of Chucky and on the TV series family Guy. She also had vocal works in Home on the Range, Monsters, Inc., and Hey Arnold, Stuart Little. Jennifer also penetrated the theater and won several awards including the Most Promising Newcomer for One Shoe Off and Dramalogue Award for the play Vaniti. Aside from being an actress, Jennifer Tilly is a poker ace. She got her World Series of Poker bracelet and won the World Poker Tour in 2005.

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