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Blessed with an exquisite looks, Jenny Elvers (born May 11, 1972) is a famous actress from Germany. She has been a true beauty ever since she was young for she won in a beauty pageant and bagged the title Queen of the Heide. Her acting prowess was developed when she studied at the Hamburg Drama School where she was honed to play various roles. For the past few years, this 5'9''-tall superstar has been the content of various gossip papers and sites, highlighting on the issues that involved her pregnancy and her previous relationships with Heiner Lauterbach and Alex Jolig. In 2005, she appeared in various election campaigns of Angela Merkel, a German politician. Her latest project includes her portrayal of Princess Diana in the play Kaprow City, which was held at the Berliner Volksbuhne and directed by Christoph Schlingensief. Today, she lives with her husband Götz Elberzhagen and with her little son.

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