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Jeri Ryan bio
Jeri Ryan (born February 22, 1968) is an actress notable for appearing in the TV show Star Trek: Voyager where she played as Seven of Nine. This celebrity was born in Germany but she grew up in the United States with her American parents. Her acting career started when she appeared in the program Who's the Boss? and when she had guest appearances in the TV hits like The Sentinel, Matlock, and Melrose Place. In 2001, Jeri Ryan became a part of Boston Public where she played as a frustrated lawyer turned high school teacher. Among her recent TV stints are acting for Boston Legal and The O.C. Before Jeri starred in the movie Down with Love, which was released in 2003, she also appeared in the early 90's films like Nightmare in Columbia County and Men Cry Bullets. Today, she is a regular cast of the TV show Shark.

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