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Jessica Pare bio
In a classic story that is similar to that of a fairy tale, Jessica Pare is an example of how good things comes to those who wait and persevere. Born into a close-knit, non-showbiz family in 1982, Jessica was raised in Montreal, Canada. It was probably one of the factors that make her grounded in spite of her newfound popularity and fame, both in her own country and in America. In order to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, Jessica decided to drop out of Montreal College's program for fine arts and try her luck applying for roles in TV or movie. Her lucky break came when she was cast for a small part in En Vances and the mafia story Bonanno: A Godfather's Story. In both made-for-TV specials, Jessica was able to learn more and gain experience to boost her confidence. In year 2000, Jessica was fortunate enough to be given a major part in the film Stardom despite the fact that she auditioned for a small role mainly because of her beauty and air of innocence. However, Jessica proved that she was not just a pretty face and she played her role perfectly, gaining the approval of audience and critics alike.

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