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Jewel bio
Jewel (born May 23, 1974) is a certified singer and songwriter from Payson, Utah. While living with her father in Homer, Alaska, she was able to discover her gift of music. When Jewel learned to write songs and play the guitar, she did some gigs while traveling and living in her van. She met her friend Steve Poltz., who later collaborated with her in making music. In 1995, Jewel signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, which was a wonderful break for her. She popularized the songs You Were Meant for Me and Foolish Games under her debut album entitled Pieces of You. Her latest album Goodbye Alice in Wonderland was released in 2006. All in all, she was able to make six bestselling albums and roughly 20 number 1 hits. Aside from singing and songwriting, Jewel did some acting stints and appeared in TV the shows like 7th Heaven, Las Vegas, and Men in Trees.

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