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Joanne Guest bio
Joanne Guest (born February 22, 1972) is an English sexy model from Derbyshire, England. She started her career in modeling when she was still in college while attending her classes for her catering course at a local college. She became a Page 3 girl of a U.K. newspaper The Sun, which was her first official modeling stint. After that, she appeared in several men’s magazines like the FHM and Loaded. Apart from this, she starred in Playboy-produced video entitled Shagalicious British Babes. Many believe that Joanne has become successful in becoming a soft core glamour and porn model. In 1998 to 2000, Joanne had a column in the newspaper Daily Star and in June 2002, she started writing for the Front magazine. In addition to her previous stints, she also appeared exclusively in an adult British magazine called Men’s World. She also created her personal interactive website. Joanne Guest also hosted some TV programs like the Jo Guest UK Exposed.

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