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Jolene Blalock bio
Jolene Blalock (born March 5, 1875) is a popular model turned actress. She is a native of San Diego, California and she is best known for her roles in her sci-fi characters. Before Jolene got involved with the Start Trek conventions, she was a popular model that has posed for various mens magazines. She was featured as one of the Girls of Maxim and was also the content of the pages of Playboy. Her popularity rose when she played Star Trek: Enterprise's Sub-Commander T'Pol. However, her role as Medea in the Jason and Argonauts adaptation is considered as the peak of her career. Aside from acting for television series, Blalock is also a movie actress. She starred in the movie Slow Burn and she will also appear in the upcoming film Shadow Puppets. Today, when Jolene Blalock is not acting, she spends her spare time with her hubby Michael Rapino, her pet dog, surfing, and doing art stuff.

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