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Josie Bissett bio
Josie Bissett (October 5, 1969) is from Seattle, Washington that had a colorful career in TV and movie acting. Born Josie Christine Heutmaker, she was first a commercial model before she became an actress for television. She first became famous as a model in the United States and Japan. She modeled for Sprite, Ford, Calvin and Klein Obsession, Hershey's, and Honda. Josie started her TV acting stint when she had roles in the programs Doogie Howser, Quantum leap, Parker Lewis on FOX, and M.D. She was known as Cara in the TV series The Hogan family and as Jane Andrews Mancini in Melrose Place. Other TV shows that she became a part of are Posing, Danielle Steels' Secrets, Dare to Love, and Deadly Vows. Josie's film credits involve Mikey, Book of Love, and Dare to Love. Today, Josie Bissett is not only and actress but is also an entrepreneur and author.

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