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Josie Maran bio
Josie Maran (born May 8, 1978) is a supermodel and famous actress in America. Her French, German, and Dutch ancestry gave her pretty looks, which made her a high-paid model. When she was 17, she signed a contract with the modeling agency Elite and appeared in more than 25 commercials. She also posed for Glamour magazine and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and appeared in a Backstreet Boys music video. However, her affiliation with Maybelline, a cosmetics company, made her really popular. Apart from modeling, Josie had a career in acting that started in 2001 when she was given a small role in The Mallory Effect. After appearing in the said independent film, she also starred in Swatters (2002), Van Helsing (2004), and The Confession (2005). Josie Maran became controversial when she was dating David Blaine, a famous magician and when she was reported as a bisexual. Josie is into eating organic cuisines, yoga, and has already quit smoking.

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