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Julie Delpy bio
Julie Delpy (born December 21, 1969) is a recognized screenwriter and actress from Paris, France. Her exquisite beauty is a product of her French and American ancestries. Her love for film and acting is reflected through her parents who were both actors. When she had a stint in the movie La Passion Beatrice, she used her salary to fly to New York and moved in the city in 1990. Julie's claim to fame is her role as a pro-Nazi lady in the movie Europa Europa that was shown in 1991. After that break, she was offered by various projects to appear in numerous European and Hollywood movies. Julie studied film directing and made her first short film known as Looking for Jimmy. She wrote the film's story and produced it. In the United States, Julie Delpy is famous for starring in Before Sunrise, opposite Ethan Hawke. In 2004, Julie co-wrote the movie Before Sunset, which made her an Academy Award nominee for Writing Adapted Screenplay.

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