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Julie Strain bio
Julie Strain (born February 18, 1962) is a famous model and actress in the United States. She is a native of Concord, California and a product of Diablo Valley College where she had an interesting athletic background. Julie had an amnesia when she was younger hence, she cannot remember most of her youth memories. She met accident when she was riding a horse which led to her memory loss. However, even though Julie cannot fully remember her past, she gradually penetrated the Hollywood and made herself popular. Julie is famous for being the Queen of the B-movies; in fact she has more than one hundred grade-B films. Aside from sexy acting, she is also into modeling. In June 1991, she became the Penthouse Pet of the Month and in 1993, she was tagged as the Pet of the Year. Other projects that Julie did were voice acting for Heavy Metal 2000, an animation film.

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