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Karen McDougal bio
Karen McDougal was born March 23, 1971, in Gary, Indiana. At the age of 9, her family moved to Sawyer, Michigan together with her mother, 3 older brothers Bob, Dave and Jeff, and her younger sister Tina. She had the passion for ballet, tap dancing, and was a girl scout during her childhood. Though she grew up together with three older brothers, Karen successfully grew up as a feminine girl. Her meteoric rise in the world of modeling started in December 1997 when she appeared at the cover of Playboy. A year later, Karen was adjudged Playmate of the Year. 1998 was a banner year for her after appearing in the Playboy Video Centerfold: Play.mate of the Year and Play.boy Video Play.mate Calendar and making the requisite appearances, before handing relinquishing her crown to 1999 Play.mate of the Year, Heather Kozar. Aside from being a Playboy cover girl, Karen stood before the camera for the Bora Bora Trading Company Catalogs, the 1999 Calendar from Andy Pearlman Studios, and Clariol Hair Care.

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