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Kate Bosworth bio
Superman's love interest. This perhaps is the best role that Kate Bosworth has ever played in her entire showbiz career. Born on January 2, 1983 in LA, California, Kate has been gracing theater stages when she was still young. Growing up and becoming a gorgeous and confident actress, she had her first movie break in the novel-turned-film, The Horse Whisperer, co-starring Robert Redford. Aside from the said movie adaptation, Kate Bosworth also co-starred in Remember The Titans with award-winning actor Denzel Washington and in The Newcomers. As if her star wasn't glimmering enough, she became more popular after her moving performance in the film Blue Crush in 2002. But her success as an actress did not end there, and it skyrocketed even more when she played the most-coveted role of Superman's intelligent and pretty girlfriend Lois Lane. At present time, this ex-girlfriend of Orlando Bloom is filming 21 with Superman Return's co-star Kevin Spacey. After the said flick, she'll start filming for a thriller entitled After Life.

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