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Kate Capshaw bio
Kathleen Sue Nail in real life, Kate Capshaw was born on November 3, 1953 in Fortworth, Texas. She is the wife of acclaimed director Steven Spielberg. They have six children. Kate earned a degree in education at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She became a teacher of Special Education at the Southern Boone County High School in Ashland, Missouri as well as Rock Bridge High School in the same town. Eventually, she moved to the Big Apple to become an actress. She used the surname Capshaw after the surname of his ex-husband Robert Capshaw. Her first acting venture was in the soap opera Love of Life. Later on, she auditioned for the lead role in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which is the prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark. She bagged the lead role besting a total of 120 other actresses. However, the role of the shrieking heroine opposite Harrison Ford did not auger well for her career, thus keeping her from getting more juicy roles. Before her marriage to Steven Spielberg in October of 1991, Kate Capshaw decided to convert to Judaism.

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