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Katherine Heigl bio
Born Katherine Marie Heigl on the 24th of November, 1978, this Golden Globe nominee was first gracing stages as a professional ramp model before penetrating the Hollywood scene. She became more controversial and at the same time popular in her beleaguering role in the flick My Father, The Hero as Gerard Depardieu's prodigal and rebellious daughter. As if her star wasn't shining enough, Katherine also made flicks with veteran action stars like Steven Seagal, where she played as his niece in the 1995 flick Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. Little did most people know, Katherine have also been casted in indie films like the Disney feature Wish Upon A Star, Prince Valiant, and Stand-In. Another addition to her filmography is her stint in the 1998 morbid horror flick The Bride of Chucky. After hogging the big screen's limelight, Katherine Heigl became more prominent in her roles in several TV series like Roswell, Grey's Anatomy, and the TV-movie The Tempest.

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