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Kelly Clarkson bio
Kelly Clarkson has won the hearts of American viewers -- and singers-- and has earned the praises and respect of three judges after winning in the prestigious hit show American Idol. Despite the facts that some audience and voters does not prefer Kelly so much, what endears her to her fans and supporters is her ability to put her heart in her songs. Heartfelt, as what some people aptly put it, and that best describes Kelly Brianne Clarkson whenever she sings. But what people don't know about the young songstress is that she's been working for several industries before she signed that much-coveted million-dollar recording contract. She worked as a telemarketer, pharmacy assistant, a waitress, and zoo employee, and now that she's a pop superstar, Kelly still remains humble through and through. A part of her success is having her single, A Moment Like This, hit the number 1 spot in the Billboard charts. Kelly is rumored to have her life turned into a movie called From Justin to Kelly, but details weren't complete yet.

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