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Kelly Hu bio
Say the name Kelly Hu, and here's what will pop in people's mind: An Asian beauty with a kick. The word kick here can be figurative, meaning she's one hot baby; and literally, because Kelly's kung fu expertise can send bad men to Dr. House's clinic. Born Kelly Ann Hu on February 13, 1968 in Hawaii, Kelly spent most of her life in Hawaii. After reigning as Miss Teen USA in 1985, Kelly graced the TV screens in the hit series Growing Pains as the love interest of Kirk Cameron. Her career as an actress wasn't that successful at first since she was given minor roles such as in The Doors, as the girl who took care of Meg Ryan, and in Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, as the slasher's poor victim. Eventually, after her efforts and hard work. Kelly Hu became popular as Detective Grace Chen in the action TV hit Martial Law. With her acting prowess, beautiful face, and the makings of an action superstar, it is no wonder why this chick was starred along with WWE superstar The Rock in the blockbuster hit : The Scorpion King.

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