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Kimberly Page bio
Kimberly Page has been the favorite cover girl and pin-up ladies of Playboy Magazines. As a matter of fact, she has been posing for the glossy men's magazines Newstand Specials from 1994-1999. Aside from that, she was also photographed for Penthouse Magazine in its September 1998 issue together with the Nitro Girls. She was also interviewed for the Iron Man magazine because of her physically fit and sexy body. Kimberly is not just an ordinary Playboy cover girls because she has a Master's degree to be proud of. A graduate of Auburn University with a Public Relations/Journalism degree, she then went on to Northwestern University and earned her Master's in Marketing. Aside from her modeling and cover girl stints, Kimberly Page became more popular as she joined the stable of wrestlers of the World Championship Wrestling. As for her acting career, Miss Page can include Rat Race, Seabiscuit, Monarch of the Moon, and 40-Year-Old Virgin.

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