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Kirstie Alley bio
Born on January 12, 1955 in Wichita, Kansas, Kirstie was the second of three siblings. Her mother died in an automobile accident in 1981. Kirstie became a cheerleader in Wichita Southeast High School, where she obtained her high school diploma. She went to college but decided to quit during her sophomore year to pursue a career in acting. She was first recognized as an actress when she played the role of Lt. Saavik in Star Trek II – Wrath of Khan in 1982. Then she became even more popular through the television series Cheers, where she garnered an Emmy, Golden Globe, and People's Choice Awards. In 1989, she was the leading actress the trilogy Look Who’s Talking with John Travolta, Look Who’s Talking Too, and Look Who's Talking Now. In 2005, Kirstie Alley gained so much weight that she reached over 200 lbs. That year, she starred in the sitcom The Fat Actress which depicted the life of an obese actress trying to make it big in the movies. In November of 2006, she guested in the Oprah Winfrey Show wearing a semi-bikini to show the 75 pounds she lost due to a strict diet regimen. Incidentally, Kirstie Alley is likewise a scientologist.

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