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Kristin Davis bio
Kristin Davis is often described as among the most stunning women to have ever come to Hollywood, and with good reason. Her looks and natural talent landed her a role in the hit TV series "Melrose Place" as conniving heiress Brooke Campbell. The character only lasted roughly a season due to backlash from fans, though she quickly found work doing guest appearances on other TV shows. However, it was in 1998 that she secured a role that would forever be associated with her name and pretty face. In 1998, she began her signature role as Charlotte York, the somewhat uptight, moderately traditional member of the foursome from HBO's runaway hit show "Sex and the City." After the end of the show, she landed several guest deals on shows such as "Will & Grace" and "Friends," as well as a role in the movie "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl in 3D." The list of her ex-boyfriends is littered with high-profile celebrities, such as Alec Baldwin and Jeff Goldblum. She is reportedly dating Rick Fox, formerly of the LA Lakers.

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