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Lara Flynn Boyle bio
Lara Flynn Boyle is among Hollywood's A-listers. She's beautiful, vibrant, flamboyant, and talented. Having appeared in summer hits like "Men In Black II," the drama "Dead Poets Society," and the TV series "Las Vegas," Lara's created quite an impressive acting record for herself. She's also been part of the cast for the memorable soap opera "Twin Peaks," though she declined to reprise her role for the "Twin Peaks" movie. Much of her schedule in the past decade involved establishing her name in the industry, though the movies she took part in met with different levels of box office success. She's also done countless guest spots on a number of TV series, including the last few parts of the hit comedy "Ally McBeal," where she played a different character from her previous guest spots. Her romantic track record includes relationships with the likes of Jack Nicholson, David Spade, and Richard Dean Anderson.

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