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Laura Harring bio
Countess Laura Harring, best remembered by movie buffs for her the role of Rita in the film "Mulholland Drive," is among the loveliest Hollywood stars within her age bracket. She is also a former Miss USA, Miss El Paso, and Miss Teen USA. It was sometime around 1987 that she met and married into nobility. Though she divorced Count Carl-Eduard von Bismarck-Schonhausen two years later, she still retains the "Countess" title in her name. Her role for "Mulholland Drive" is considered historic, as it is among the few instances where aristocrats have been shown nude in film. Harring is also an accomplished dancer, skilled in a number of Latin dances and the Commedia dell'arte of France. She still continues to work, though only sparingly. At the moment, she is part of the cast for the TV series "The Shield," though critics are panning her relatively unimportant part in the show. She also recently played a part alongside Barbara Eden in the film "Mi Casa, Su Casa."

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