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Laura Linney bio
Laura Linney is among the most versatile actresses in the entertainment industry today. Her talents have carried her across movie screens, TV shows, and the stage. She initially made her name as part of the Moscow Art Theatre, though her talents eventually landed her small parts in Hollywood films during the 90s. Among her earlier films are the thrillers "Primal Fear" and "Congo." She also earned a nomination in 2004 for her performance in the film "Kinsey" and was part of the cast of the film "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." On the other hand, with regard to TV appearances, she was able to join "Frasier" during its last seasonal runs. Recently, she has been expanding upon her impressive Broadway resume, particularly with a part in 2002's "The Crucible." In the movie industry, meanwhile, she recently took on the part of Eleanor Green in "Man of the Year," which also starred Robin Williams. She was previously the wife of David Adkins, whom she met on the set of "Juilliard."

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