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Lauren Holly bio
If you're familiar with the old TV series "Picket Fences," then you know that one of the main characters is officer Maxine Stewart. That role is perhaps among the few roles that the talented (and under-appreciated) actress Lauren Holly is best known for. However, don't mistake her for just another pretty face in the crowd. Holly has a degree in English Literature from Sarah Lawrence College. This girl from Penn state has also made a name for herself as the female lead of the comedy, "Dumb & Dumber." She also has several minor film credits under her belt, such as the voice of Yuko Ogino, from the 2001 Japanese animated film classic, "Spirited Away." She was originally married to Danny Quinn, but divorced him in 1993. Sometime in 1996, she married comedian Jim Carrey, but the relationship failed and the two were divorced a year later. Currently, she's married to Franco Greco, with three children.

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