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Lene Nystrom bio
Lene Nystrom, more popularly known as Lene, was the singer for the European pop group "Aqua," who appeared on the international music scene in the late 90s. Among the hits produced by the group were "Barbie Girl," (which caused them to be sued by Barbie doll manufacturer, Mattel) "My Oh My," and "Doctor Jones." The video for "Doctor Jones" had more than a passing, thematic resemblance to the "Indiana Jones" movies. When the band broke up, she embarked on a solo career that, so far, has not achieved the same level of success as her days in the band. She has, however, found moderate success as a songwriter for other musical groups and artists, such as her husband's album "Lazyboy TV" and the girl group "Girl Aloud." As to her plans of embarking on another album, nothing is definite yet, aside from the rumors. She is married to another former "Aqua" member, Soren Rasted, with whom she has two children.

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