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Leslie Bibb bio
Most celebrities decide to drop a chance at education in favor of their career growth. In the case of the lovely Leslie Bibb, she pulled off the exact opposite. Leslie decided to put her modeling career on hold in favor of attending college at the University of Virginia. Her career as a model actually started when her mother sent in pictures to "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Though the outcome of the submission was quite different from what was expected, Leslie got the attention of the judges and appeared in a number of magazines afterwards, including men's magazines FHM and Maxim. Her first major film role came through a part in the movie "Private Parts," the movie version of the Howard Stern book. She also had roles in the films "The Skulls" and "See Spot Run." In terms of TV roles, she gained immense popularity as Erin Hankins on "ER" and as Brooke McQueen on the WB series "Popular." She also joined the regular cast of the crime series "Crossing Jordan" in 2006.

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