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Lil Kim bio
There is a rather unpleasant stereotype that makes it seem like all rap artists are ex-cons or federal offenders. There is some grain of truth to every stereotype, as the rap artist known as Lil' Kim actually is an ex-con. She won a Grammy in the middle of the last decade, shortly after rising to fame for her part in the revival of the song "Lady Marmalade" for the film "Moulin Rouge." However, she is less known for the melodic delivery she had in "Marmalade" and more for her intense style of rap. Prior to the "Lady Marmalade" revival, she was part of a group known as the Junior M.A.F.I.A., along with releasing a solo album. Her criminal conviction came after the song's revival, which is really the highest point of her career so far. She hasn't released an album after her release from prison, though she has engaged in some charitable activities, like her "Lil' Kim Cares" foundation.

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