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Lindsay Lohan is known for a number of things. Most recently, she's been known for hanging out with Paris Hilton and being a wild party girl. However, prior to that, she built a respectable and uplifting movie career. Perhaps her most famous role came in the teen comedy movie "Mean Girls," a film that is still considered her finest role yet, as well as the role that defined her place in the industry. Her earliest known role came in the remake of classic comedy film "Parent Trap," where she played the roles of separated-at-birth twins Hallie Parker and Annie James. Her more recent film credits include the romantic comedy "Just My Luck" and the interesting comedy "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," both released in 2004. She is also known as one of Hollywood's "triple threat" performers, being a singer, an actress, and a model. She's been said to have once been involved a rivalry with fellow teen actress Hillary Duff, though the rumors have often been dismissed by both parties.

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