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Sometimes, an actress can play a part for so long that the character can literally become a component of the actress' image. Such was the case with teen queen Sarah Michelle Gellar and her character Buffy Summers. Most people have mixed feelings of the prospect of Lisa Kudrow developing characteristics similar to her most popular role, the quirky and eccentric Phoebe Buffay, from the long-running hit sitcom "Friends," which ran for over a decade. But even with this limiting notion, she is one of only two performers from that series (the other being Jennifer Aniston) to win an award for her years of acting on the show. Incidentally, she also played Phoebe's twin sister Ursula (which is a rather obvious move), in the sitcom "Mad About You," which starred acting legend Helen Hunt. She has lent her voice acting skills to some minor roles in the long-running cartoon "The Simpsons," as well as the voice of the Ghost of Christmas Past in an "American Dad" special episode. Plus, she had more prominent roles in the hit comedy "Analyze This" and the less-successful follow-up, "Analyze That."

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