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Luciana Salazar bio
When you start out modeling at the tender age of four, you're either going to grow up severely dysfunctional or you're just starting on a long, successful road. From all indications, Luciana Salazar has gone on from her humble start and is now well on the road to success. After appearing in her first commercial at four, she became a respected model by the age of 15. She then carved out her path to fame by appearing in "Pone a Francella," a comedy show in her native Argentina. Afterwards, she appeared in a number of street theater productions and became part of the short list of the most recognizable faces in all of Argentina. With her rise to fame came the offers to do cover shoots for print. She has appeared in a number of magazine covers not only in her home country, but also in the US, Spain, and Europe. She has also appeared in the highly sensual series "Luli in Love," which aired on Playboy TV. Recently, she was given the honor of being the mascot of the Argentinean soccer team.

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