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British beauties abound in the media, though many of them are not as appreciated as their American counterparts. On the other hand, many British models have more than enough sex appeal to make even the most attractive American model to shame. One such name is Lucy Pinder, a glamorous model known for breasts that are bigger than what you'd usually find in a model. Lucy began her career in 2003, after being sighted by a photographer as she was sunbathing. She is known for her highly seductive photo shoots, particularly with fellow models Sophie Howard and Michelle Marsh. She's sometimes been known to mention that Michelle is actually her favorite partner for such shoots. As for Lucy's interests, she has mentioned that she's not fond of clowns (like a number of other people) and works with a charity known as Kick 4 Life. She has devoted her spare time to combating disease and poverty in developing countries.

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