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Luisana Lopilato bio
Luisana Lopilato is best known for her work in Rebelde Way, but even before she landed this breakthrough role, this Argentinian model and actress had already made quite a splash in the local scene. In 1999, 12-year-old Luisana Lopilato made her television debut as Luisana Maza in the series Chiquititas. She spent three years with the show, and after her stay here, she bagged the role that would propel her into the business. In 2002, she became known as Rebelde Way's Mia Colucci, and this acting stint coincided with that start of her music career. Luisana Lopilato became part of Erreway, a group that would win the most coveted gold album award. As a popular face of Rebelde Way, Mia Colucci became featured in over fifty magazine covers. After Rebelde Way, Luisana Lopilato appeared in Los Pensionados and Los Secretos de Papa. As for her singing career, she left Erreway after three albums, and now she's preparing to launch a solo career.

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