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Madchen Amick bio
Unusual names can sometimes kill someone's chances of gaining popularity. Other times, the names just make it easier for people to remember the celebrity, as is the case with Uma Thurman. With a first name that literally translates to "girl" from the original German, Madchen Amick probably falls into the latter category. As a youth, Madchen was educated in a variety of musical instruments, including the piano, the violin, and the bass guitar. She was also trained in various forms of dancing, including modern and jazz. Her most memorable role was that of Shelly Johnson, for the TV soap opera "Twin Peaks," which proved to be so popular that she was cast as Shelly again for the movie version of the show. After "Twin Peaks," most of her roles were low-key and unimpressive. In an effort to rebuild her caree, she had recurring appearances on "ER" and "Gilmore Girls," though it is noted that her other guest roles were for shows that were cancelled.

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