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Madeleine Stowe bio
Madeleine Stowe is a woman who has never allowed her childhood adversities to overcome her or limit her career. Born near LA, she studied piano lessons as a child because she wasn't fond of socializing with others. Her teacher believed she had incredible talent with the instrument, but his death became a turning point for Stowe. Rather than continue with her musical potential, she decided to venture out into the world and ended up performing with the theater group Solaris. From there, she then went on to make several minor appearances and in various movies and films. She seems to have a knack for playing blind characters, as she's played such roles in the film "Blink," with Aidan Quinn, and on the TV series "Little House on the Prairie," several years before. She also had a lead role in the film "Twelve Monkeys," starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. In 1996, she decided to fix her priorities and put acting on hold, giving her time to focus on being a mother.

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